The Coldstream Guards Association and was formed in 1913 as a Veteran Charity for Coldstreamers who have served in the British Army.
The Windsor Branch was formed shortly after in 1935.  It’s main aim is to  provides a place of support for Coldstreamers who have left the army
and to assist them with welfare, care and support where necessary.  The Coldstream Guards Association is not a new charity and bears the
hallmarks of a long established Veteran Charity for over a hundred years.

The Windsor Branch of the Coldstream Guards Association hold monthly meetings where we have a mixture of business and social times.
We have around 70 Veterans who are on the Nominal Roll and around twenty that turn up regularly at our monthly meetings.
But at our annual dinners we see around 50-65 in attendance.

We warmly invite Coldstreamers who have left or are in the regiment to join us. Please see the membership page about becoming a Member.

We also act as an umbrella association for people who have served in other regiments. And we currently have members from the Royal Signals,
the RASC, the T.A and the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps. If you have served in another regiment and would like to find
out more about joining us please see the membership Page and becoming an Honorary Member.

Our lives are not enriched without our family and friends and they join us for events. If you would like to find out more about joining us
please see the membership page and becoming an Associate Member.

The Coldstream Guards Association is a Registered Charity 260338